Happy Kiss Day 2024: Quotes, Wishes, Images, Messages, Status, Wallpapers, SMS

Lovers, get ready, The Valentine’s Week 2024 is about to start. Here is all you need to plan the day with your loved ones.

Happy Kiss Day 2024

Kiss Day is a day of love, affection, and passion. We celebrate Kiss Day on 13th February every year. Happy Kiss day 2024 is about giving kisses and showing your affection to your loved one.

Why do we celebrate Kiss day?

Kissing is so important in a relationship that there is a day to celebrate it. Why is kissing important in a relationship?

  1. Kissing makes your bond stronger.
  2. It expresses your love and care.
  3. It brings a spark to your relationship.
  4. Makes you feel closer and intimate as a couple.

Other than all these, kissing is also good for reducing stress, anxiety, calories and it improves your facial muscles.

Kissing is a language of love. We celebrate it to express our emotions through it and get more intensely in love on this very romantic day.

1. How to make Kiss Day special for your partner?

Kiss them as soon as you meet them and start your romantic day.

This will show that you think about them most of the time.

2. Give them a special gift.

Anything that they would like to have. A hand made card, a book, accessories, or something they like to eat. It can be anything. You can complement the gift with a love letter, flowers, or chocolates.

3. Make memories. Go for a romantic lunch or dinner, or a short day trip.

You can consider a candlelight dinner or lunch on a rooftop. Having snacks in a campfire or going for a long drive and travelling all the pretty places in the city.

4. Tell them what they mean to you.

Write your feelings, or speak with all your heart. Sing a song for them, or do anything that opens up your heart. Let your message reach them.

5. Say those three magical words- I love You.

Whisper it in the morning in their ears, or send a text if you are away. Hide the ‘I love you’ notes in places they frequently visit. For example- Kitchen, bathroom and under the pillow. That would be surprising and romantic.

6. Dance with them to their favourite romantic songs.

More than your dancing skills, your efforts would matter. So forget about anything or anyone around you and move your body on a romantic tune.

7. Send them romantic quotes and messages.

You can find many romantic quotes, messages, and images online. You can also write your own. This would make them smile.

8. Watch a romantic movie together.

When it comes to watching romantic movies, the options are endless. You can find various movies for streaming on Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video, Zee 5, and more. You can also go to the cinema hall for a filmy romantic movie date.

9. Give them a good morning and good night kiss.

This would make them feel special.

There are many ways to make this day special. But spending quality time with them tops the list. But even if you cannot go to meet them due to some circumstances, you can do various things:

  1. Video call them for long hours.
  2. Stay connected on call.
  3. Send them a cake or anything they like to eat.
  4. Send them balloons and flowers.
  5. Send romantic quotes and messages.

What are seven days of Valentine Week?

Valentine’s Day is the last day of V Week. Before it comes, seven days, namely-

7th February 2024- Rose Day

Where roses are exchanged.


8th February 2024 – Propose Day

A perfect day to express your love for someone. If you are lucky, they will accept your proposal.


9th February 2024 – Chocolate Day

Love is not the sweetest thing; chocolate is. Chocolates are shared among couples.

If you are not, at least you finally said it.


10th February 2024 – Teddy Day

Who does not love teddy bears?


11th February 2024 – Promise Day

A promise brings you closer.


12th February 2024 – Hug Day

Hug and express your love for someone.


13th February 2024 – Kiss Day

Kiss your partner & show how much you love them!


And on 14th February 2024 finally comes Valentine’s Day.

Happy Kiss Day 2024 Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Below we have provided some of the Best Kiss Day 2024 Quotes, Wishes, messages that you can send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, lover, partner & best friend:

A sweet kiss from you on my lips is the best gift ever. Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss me, close your eyes. Happy Kiss Day, my love.

Hey my forever, let us go on a date today? Happy kiss day!

Good Morning, baby. Here’s your morning kiss. Happy Kiss Day.

All the worries fade away when your lips touch mine. Love you baby. Happy kiss day.

A sweet kiss from my sweetheart is all that I ever want — happy Kiss Day to you.

I want you to be lying beside me, looking at me with your pretty eyes and kissing me with your soft lips. Happy Kiss Day.

So lucky to have you, darling. Happy Kiss Day.

Send these messages and quotes to the love of your life and tell them how important they are for you.

Happy Kiss Day Images 2024

Be with your lover, express your feelings, kiss them and be madly in love! Happy Kiss Day, 2024. You can send below provided images to your lover on this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Next Day After Kiss Day

Every year on 14th February, the exchange of gifts takes place between lovers all over the world. For so many years, we have been celebrating Valentines Day. But why do we celebrate it? Let us go a little back and learn about Valentine history:

This day gets its name from a famous Roman saint- St. Valentine. A king then banned marriages. According to Emperor Claudius II, married men were bad soldiers.

But our St. Valentine did not think the same. So, he started arranging marriages in secret.

Later, St. Valentine was jailed and sentenced to death for the same.

In his prison days, he fell in love with the daughter of a jailor. On fourteenth February, his death day, he sent her a letter and wrote ‘From your Valentine.’

A day before the most awaited Valentine’s Day is Kiss Day.

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