Happy Rose Day 2024: Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Wallpapers

Valentine’s day is always special for everyone. It is always the best time to profess your love to someone. February is always known as the month of love since we celebrate Valentine’s Day and other days which precede February 14th. Like Rose Day, which falls on February 7th, marks the beginning of the special days leading to Valentine’s days.

Happy Rose Day 2024

Mere wishing ‘Happy Rose Day’ with a single rose is not enough in today’s time. Rose Day 2024 needs to be about letting go of grudges and bad memories. It is about starting something new with a fresh mind and lots of love in the heart.

Also, rose day or any of the seven days of February are meant for lovers or couples. These days can be celebrated with friends and family too. There are many rose day quotes, rose day wishes, and rose day images dedicated to friends and family that you can send.

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A red rose is the ultimate expression of love, as we all know. A red rose is a silent way of telling “I love you” to someone special since Victorian times. Along with red, there are many colors of roses that we all are aware of. Each color has a significant meaning. Gifting them the right color could give the correct message to the receiver. This could be the rose day message you always wanted to write or say, now these pretty flowers will do the trick for you.

Rose Day Wishes for boyfriend/girlfriend

What is the significance of this day?

Let’s see the significance of each color of the rose.

    • Red – the color red is all about passion and longing.
    • Pink – pink is the token of appreciation and admiration. It is a happy coloured rose, perfect for gifting to your elders or teacher.
    • Yellow – this is the ideal gift for friends. Our friends add immense joy to our lives, and what better way to tell them that than to gift a yellow rose.
    • White – this color marks purity, peace, and unity. This is an ideal gift for new lovers who are embarking on the new journey of life. Therefore white roses are the most popular choice for wedding decoration too.
    • Orange – The color of passion and gratitude. The orange-coloured rose is the perfect example of excitement, desire, and enthusiasm. When exchanged among lovers, it signifies passionate romance.

Like colors, even the number of roses you give is of significance. Let’s look at it below.

One rose – it means love at first sight or saying thank you for being a part of my life.

Rose Day Wishes

  • Two roses – mutual love and affection
  • Three roses – a traditional three-month anniversary gift that says “I love you.”
  • Six roses – this says “I want to be yours” passionately.
  • Nine roses – this means” I want to be yours forever” it symbolizes eternal love.
  • Ten roses – perfect 10
  • Twelve roses – it means “be mine.”
  • Thirteen roses – there is a debate about the number thirteen. Some say it says” secret admirer” or “friends forever’.’
  • Fifteen roses – this is to apologize to someone.
  • Twenty roses – this indicates the sincerity of your feelings for someone.
  • Twenty-one roses – it signifies that you belong to someone.
  • Twenty-four roses – these two dozen roses say, “I’m yours.”
  • Twenty-five roses – best way to say congratulations
  • Thirty-six roses – it means “I’m head over heels in love with you.”
  • Forty roses – it says, “my love for you is genuine.”
  • Fifty roses – this means “my love for you knows no bound.”

Happy Rose Day 2024 messages, Wishes, Images, Quotes

There are many ways to make your loved ones feel your love. Sending roses for happy rose day 2024 would be just one of them. However, there is a debate about whether we need to say this or not. Technically we don’t because our actions will tell them all. But a special day to make our loved ones feel extra special could add a zing to any relationship. These gestures are a sweet way to create happy memories for us.

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rose day messages

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Along with the roses, you can also send loving Rose day messages to your significant other and wish them a very happy Rose Day.

A heartfelt note written by you will add that extra special touch to your gift. It will make your beloved or friends feel warm and loved. It is said that we don’t need to write essays about how much we love them. Just a couple of lines will do the trick and let them know how much you love them.

Many other ways to celebrate Rose Day

If you want to try something different and not celebrate the traditional way, there are many options for that too. Like you can bake a cake using rose essence and decorate it with dried petals. Maybe instead of gifting cut roses, gifting a small rose plant would be an amazing idea. Also, gifting rose-flavored personal items like soaps, perfumes, or dried petal resin jewelry would appeal to your loved one too. If your loved one is environmentally conscious, you can always design Rose day images, wallpapers, or short video sends them to him/her online. This is the best way to celebrate if you are away from each other too.

cute rose day card with roses

rose day quotes

There is mythological significance to roses like it represents Aphrodite to Greeks and Venus to the Romans. If you rearrange the letters of rose, we also get Eros, who is known as God of Love. From then to now, roses always have a special place in everyone’s heart. All flowers are pretty; some smell sweet too, but Roses are just prettier and smell sweeter than the rest.

After Rose day on February 7th, In valetnine week, we celebrate Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day finally, Valentine Day. You can plan a special something on each of these days for your beloved, friends and family. Do not let the celebration be limited to that special someone. Include all your special friends and parents in this celebration of love and affection.

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