Valentine’s Day History, What is the Real Story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is celebrated in so many countries of the world because it’s a day of love and lovers. It is a romantic day for couples because on this particular day they have fun together and express their love towards each other in their way. They exchange chocolates, gifts, jewelry, cards, and many other symbols of love to show their feelings. The day is not only special for couples but also for singles because it’s a perfect day to propose their love or crush. So singles also prepare for the day to express their love perfectly. It is said that one should not reject the proposal on this day of love. The day is not an official holiday in any part of the world but celebrated with energy and enthusiasm. Boys and girls can be seen in gift stores before some weeks because they all want to impress their soul mate with a lovely gift or red roses. Most of us celebrate the day, but have you ever thought that why Valentine’s Day is celebrated and what is the real story of Valentine’s Day? Today we will talk about it in this article. Let’s read this whole article carefully to know valentine’s day history. Trust us; it is really interesting.

What is the Real Story of Valentine‘s Day

Nowadays, people celebrate Valentine’s Day for the whole week. They start celebrating it from 07th February and end on 14th February every year. The complete valentine’s week is written here.

Date Day
07th February Rose Day
08th February Propose Day
09th February Chocolate Day
10th February Teddy Day
11th February Promise Day
12th February Hug Day
13th February Kiss Day
14th February Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day History

Valentine’s day is also known with the name of Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. The day is celebrated on 14th February every year to honor two saints known as Valentines. It is a religious, commercial, and cultural celebration of romance and in so many countries of the world.

There are a numbers of stories that are connected with Valentine’s Day. One of them is about Rome Saint Valentine’s imprisonment because he performed weddings of solders. These soldiers were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentine also brought back eyesight of the blind daughter of his judge and then wrote her a letter. In that letter, the saint signed as “your valentine.” This is the reason people ask their partners to be their valentines.

Some people say that Valentine’s Day was considered a mid-February holiday in the Roman calendar even before saint valentines. The holiday was named “Lupercalia” and celebrated at that time. To celebrate the day, people used to put the names of men and women in a jar. Then they pick the names of men and women to make pairs. On another hand, in Greece, the day was observed as a mid-winter celebration and wedding of god “Geus” and goddess “Hera.”

There is a number of stories behind celebrating Valentine’s Day, and we have mentioned some of them, which are mainly said by people. The reason doesn’t matter a lot. The thing which matters is the spreading of love in the air on this day.