Valentine Week 2024 List, February All Days, Date, Schedule

Valentine week is the week of love for lovers all across world and India. This week is known as valentine week as it starts 7 days before Valentine’s Day. This year, Valentine week 2024 will start from 7th February and will end on 14th February 2024. Couple’s, Lover’s, Newly wed couple’s, friends, best friends & other loved ones celebrate this whole week with huge enthusiasm, energy & excitement. If you are in love and in a relation with someone or you love someone and wants to be in relation with your crush, this week is the best time to express you feelings of love to your partner. February is the month of very good vibes, beautiful weather and most importantly month of love as Valentine’s day comes in the month of Feb every year. Keep reading this article till the end to know full about valentine week.

Valentine Week 2024 List

Couples, Lovers & Singles having crush get ready as valentine week 2024 is going to be started very soon. Start preparing your plans about how you going to celebrate these awesome February days of love with your partner, lover, friends or best friend. Valentine week will start from 7th Feb – Rose Day and will end on 14th Feb – Valentine Day. It is said that in the month of Feb, love stays in the air. This is the best time of the year to enjoy, celebrate, feel love with your partner, best half or to express your love to someone whom you love. Below we have provided Valentine week 2024 list all days, along with date and day to help our readers know full details about each day.

Day Name Date Date
Rose Day 7th Feb, 2024 Wednesday
Propose Day 8th Feb, 2024 Thursday
Chocolate Day 9th Feb, 2024 Friday
Teddy Day 10th Feb, 2024 Saturday
Promise Day 11th Feb, 2024 Sunday
Hug Day 12th Feb, 2024 Monday
Kiss Day 13th Feb, 2024 Tuesday
Valentine’s Day 14th Feb, 2024 Wednesday

Rose Day 2024

Rose Day is the first day of Valentine week. On this day, lover’s, couples express their love for their partner by giving them Red Rose. Apart from this, People also give different color roses like white, blue, green, yellow etc. to their friends, best friend, crush, brother, sister according to meaning of the color of that rose as per their relation with the person to whom they are giving.

Propose Day 2024

Next Day after Rose day is knows as Propose Day. This day is mainly for those who love someone and wants to tell them and express their feeling. Mainly, people propose their crush on this day. This day is not limited to ones who are single but many couples also celebrate this day with huge preparation to re-live & feel love with their partner. People offers ring, flowers, chocolate, gifts to their loved ones while celebrating this day.

Chocolate Day 2024

Chocolate day is the third day of Valentine week. This day comes after rose day and propose day. On this day, people gifts chocolates to their partners, loved ones, friends, parents, siblings, colleagues and more. This is one of the most popular day of valentine week list. Sale of chocolate gets over the top during this day. As we all know that everyone in this world likes Chocolate, some likes less, some likes more but everyone likes it.

Teddy Day 2024

After Chocolate day, next day which comes is Teddy Day 2024 which is the 4th day of Valentine week. On this day, people gifts teddy bear to their partner or loved ones as a sign of love. Gift shops and markets have huge number of teddy bears of different sizes and colors available for sale during this day.

Promise Day 2024

Then, it comes the Promise Day after Teddy Day. Promise day is the 5th day of valentine week. Mostly on this day, Couples, Loved Ones, Best friends makes different promises, commitment to each other to make their bond more stronger with each. Apart from this, some people also offers gifts to their loved ones as a memory of the promise they made like a ring, wristband, pendant etc.

Hug Day 2024

Next some the Hug Day after Promise Day. Hug Day is the 6th day of the Valentine week. This day is mostly celebrated by the couples, loved ones, friends, besties with each other by giving a warm and tight hug. It it meant that tight Hugs given on Hug day is the way to express & show love for their loved ones.

Kiss Day 2024

After Hug Day, next day comes is Kiss Day. This is 7th day of the valentine week. This day is celebrated by giving kiss to the loved ones. Whether the kiss is on Cheek, Forehead or Lips , Kiss is the proper way to show and express your love for your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day 2024

Next after Kiss Day, comes the most awaited Valentine’s Day. This is the Last day of Valentine week. Valentine’s Day is the day which is celebrated all around the world, almost in all countries. People all over the world celebrate this day with their loved ones with huge love and happiness. Many people book a destination holiday to sea-side, mountain hills with their partners. Moreover, some people arrange candle light dinner for their partner in restaurants. Apart from this, there are unlimited ways to celebrate this day of love with your partner like going on a long drive, arranging a surprise party, offering a special gift like diamond ring, jewelry etc. Mainly, Valentine’s Day is the day to express love to your partner and make your partner feel how much you care for them and love them.


In the article, we have written down all required information about Valentine week 2024. We have provided proper details about each day with their date and day, why they are celebrated & how to celebrate each day with your loved ones. Please share your thoughts, feedback in the comments below.

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